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Texas cooking with a New Mexico kickback!

Riding Gino… Best horse ever!

‘Eat with Gigi’ got its inspiration when family and friends would get together and swap their wonderful recipes. Remembering that over the years some of our traditional family recipes sometimes go missing, I starting putting together all of our favorite dishes. As it turns out, other people wanted to have our recipes, too! Some recipes are passed down through generations, some are new creations we have experienced and enjoyed.

Our company, Get A Grip!
Me with my two sons Austen and Ryan

I’m originally from Texas, worked with high-end fashion companies for many years, and had the opportunity to eat and meet with the best. I visited New Mexico and fell in love with its beauty and charm, and especially its green chile. Taking a giant leap of faith in my mid-forties, I decided to move there and start my own company out of the garage in the mountains with my son. We’re now a family-owned national franchise company, called Get A Grip. I guess you could call me a ‘Tex-Mex’! To get your own Get A Grip gear, including our popular Get A Grip baseball cap, click here.

I also learned to ride horses about the same time I started cooking. Even though it took me a little longer, both have kept me grounded more than anything. It’s never too late to find new passions!

Another one of my passions is writing; I love to write as much as I love to cook! My Just Sayin’ blog centers around a column I write for the Apartment Association of New Mexico’s magazine, New Mexico Apartment News. The column covers my reflections on life, business, communication and issues with a definite point of view. No nonsense… just sayin’.

At the barn with my two horses Reno and Gino.

I feel that I have lived two different lives. When I turned the page to this next chapter in my life, I went from wearing CHANEL to riding horses in the mountains. It’s been a wild ride – I’m not afraid to experience or to try new things. It’s who I am – in the kitchen, or anywhere else – in my cowboy boots and jeans.